Hard waste & Soft waste collection trolley for EcoPulsarS

Descriptions :
Waste Collection Trolley for Automatic Winder model EcoPulsarS for proper segregation of Hard waste and soft waste

Machine: Waste Collection Trolley for Winder
Validity: Automatic Winder Model EcoPulsarS M/L, I-DLS
Kit codes: S65000.0024.0.0

Features and benefits:

  • Designed to collect the automatically discharged waste from Eco PulsarS winder in segregated manner.
  • Separate compartments for hard waste and soft waste.
  • Wheels for easy and quick movement of the trolley for empting the wastes and placing the trolley below the collection point.
  • Perforations on the trolley walls for easy discharge of the air to avoid splashing of soft waste during discharge.
  • Aesthetically designed to match with machine peripherals.