Supplier E-Portal

The Suppliers E-Portal provides a web interface to our suppliers and imparts a high level of transparency, ease of communication, track progress on ongoing live transactions and improve responsiveness at every stage of supply chain management system. All the information on current service requests is available, centrally, quickly and securely on 24x7 basis. This makes E-portal more reliable, cost effective way of managing supply chain flows both for Savio India and Its suppliers.

Payment Gateway

The Payment Gateway Portal is the online information and payment platform from Savio India Limited and the portal allows for transparent flow of information, simplifies the online payment process and increases the efficiency.

Service E-Portal

We are pleased to inform you that now we are introducing the service facility “Online Technical Support e-Portal” to our valuable customers for Polar machines (Model “M”,” L”,” I DLS”). This type of Online support many of the customers have necessitated on the present spinning industry development. In the spinning textile industry, Savio India Ltd is the first company to introduce such online technical support, which customer can access themselves 24x7 by using their smart phones and any other online access.

HR E-Portal

A HR software designed for our enterprises with simple to complex payroll needs, closely integrated with attendance to automate payroll processing. Facilitates online leave application, and approval with notifications. Supports monthly and yearly leave balances.

  • Savio India Limited - Inside Premises
  • Savio India Limited - Outside Premises
  • eHR User Manual