Customer Training


Success and superior performance of machines lies with the end user’s competence to understand and operate it to its optimum level. A trained man power is as critical to the success of the organisation as the machine itself.

At Savio, we always considered, the training of our customers' technicians as a very important aspect of business. With advancement in technology and with greater complexity of Mechanical and electronic controls, mills need to keep their technical staff up-to-date with know now and skills to operate and maintain the machine for longevity of the machines and to achieve best quality and productivity.

In the tune with the above objective, we, at SAVIO INDIA PRIVATE LTD, are regularly conducting training courses for mill technicians at our Training centre in COIMBATORE. We offer Short term training class for Middle and higher level mill delegates and regular training for all level technicians from Mills.

The training broadly covers

  • Theoretical and practical study of our machine characteristics
  • Mechanical & Technical features
  • Electrical, pneumatic, electronic and technological regulations
  • Splicers and their functions
  • General maintenance, etc.

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