Savio is present since late 1950s in twisting technology, first with ring twisting machine FM280 in 1949, followed by the first two-for-twister in 1963. With a wide range of Two-for-one twisters diversified for different market requirements, Savio twisting machines respond to the demands of customers looking for a significant reduction in labor and energy.

Besides the demand to sustain low investment costs and lower energy consumption, the customers also take on great importance time and cost of maintenance. These models foresee: a high structural standardization, a wide range both for feeding and spindle dimensions for every yarn type and count, electronic solutions to simplify the operator intervention and reduce the maintenance workforce.

Two For One Twister

  • Middle and Far East countries, that constitute the key Markets for Two for one Twisters, are today showing requirements that until now have characterized the Traditional western markets. The new needs are diverse, not only among each Market area,Know More
  • Cosmos represents another Savio proposal in the field of twisting to ensure maximum cost effectiveness of the technological process through constructional solutions that allow a reduction in investment with a minimum of energy consumption.The aim of..Know More