Smart Backup Station-Optimized solution for rejected and odd shaped bobbins

This auxiliary preparator takes care of those bobbins rejected by the spindles or the in line preparators.It “attacks” the bad bobbins with multiple and different attempts until the yarn end is eventually lifted. Rate of success higher than 98%. This means almost zero human handling of bobbins and less load on the other preparators which can feed more fresh bobbins. One operator can supervise more machines. Up to 25% reduction in manpower per shift. When it works in conjuction with RF spindle Identification System, as each bad bobbin come with a “label”, the station selects the more appropriate working modality.

with Spindle Identification System Each bobbin carrier or PEG is fitted with a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) TAG, sort of a digital notepad in which the system records the bio-data of each bobbin transferred such as:

  • From which RF spindles the bobbin comes.
  • Overall yarn quality (EYC readings).
  • Reason for premature rejection from preparators or spindles..
(This allows the Smart Station to select the appropriate yarn end search modality)

Machine : Polar DLS

Kit Code : 4999.9999.01/4

Validity : Polar – Mfr from 2010

Orion – Mfr from 2001 Up to 2010

Features and benefits Of Machine

  • It minimizes yarn trap chocking with processing materials coarser counts..
  • It reduces chocking of yarn trap while processing waxed yarn.
  • Cleaning of round type tube is easier.