Cosmos - Simple, Reliable State of the Art Twisting

Cosmos represents another Savio proposal in the field of twisting to ensure maximum cost effectiveness of the technological process through constructional solutions that allow a reduction in investment with a minimum of energy consumption.The aim of all this is to maximize the productivity of the machine,the quality of the package and the twisted yarn, along with the technological flexibility, that is today an indispensable requirement for any textile market.

Machine Productivity

  • Range of spindles, with shapes and manufacturing techniques aimed at maximizing the weights of packages being fed, with different materials and counts, always giving priority to energy saving.
  • System of spindle rotation by means of two paris of bearings: the upper bearings, high performance, with upper protections and maintenance free lubrication;the lower bearings, lubricated with grease with separate external nipples.
  • Adjustments of twisting tension through a 6-Position adjustable system.

Quality OF Yarn and Package

  • Reduction of twisting tension through optimization of the shape of the balloon,obtained though a different layout of the elements that control it.
  • Accurate finishing and surface treatment of all parts that come into contact with the yarn.
  • Mechanical counterweight of package arm.System of modulation and distribution of the yarn on package, mechanical type.
  • Consolidated mechanical system of anti-ribboning, variable for types of different yarn and materials.
  • Self-cleaning of lower part of spindle by means of air ventilation

Technological Flexibility

  • The availability of different types of spindles makes it possible to optimize the production for the materials and different range of counts.
  • Balloon limiter(optional), which can also be installed subsequently, to maximize cost-efficiency of the process for different counts and weights of the packages being fed.
  • Special Flyer (optional) for twisting elasticized yarns and Waxing unit(optional) to prepare packages to be used for knitting
  • Bunching device(optional) for uniform tail end preparation

High Consolidated Take-up System

  • The Mechanical cam system, for the distribution of the yarn on the spindle, for the modulation and cross angle, is housed in a centralized box, with oil lubrication activated by a special pump.
  • The pulleys for twist and overfeed are easily accessible from outside and controlled by high-performance, low-noise toothed belts.