tfo sirius

Sirius - Thinking Global, Acting Local

Middle and Far East countries, that constitute the key Markets for Two for one Twisters, are today showing requirements that until now have characterized the Traditional western markets. The new needs are diverse, not only among each Market area, but also throughout a single Market.

The main requirement is to reduce workforce, which is becoming, day by day, more and more difficult to find, even if its costs are still strongly competitive if compared with the western markets. Moreover, apart from the need to reduce the initial investment costs as well as power consumption, a great number of Companies keep asking for products which can grant low maintenance times and costs. To meet those new requests, sometimes in contradiction one with each other, Savio has developed its brand new Two for One Twisters generation, Sirius, that is able to solve all the problems mentioned above.

Features Of Machine

  • An high structural standardization for all the diverse models.
  • A wide range both for feeding and spindle dimensions for every yarn type and count.
  • A great optional offer, available for all the different machine versions.
  • Electronic solutions and simplified maintenance to reduce the workforce needed for each machine.

Features Of Spindles

  • Life Lubricated top bearings, with special dustproof protection.
  • Stainless steel plate and compensating pulley in aluminum with a ceramic coating, with optimized shape that guarantees less power absorption and maximum feeding content.
  • Yarn tensioning with interchangable spring pistons for different counts and materials.
  • Tension can be adjusted with 6 different positions.
  • High flexibility thanks to quick transformation from free to controlled balloon.

In other words, with its new Two for One Twister, Sirius, Savio met the objective to put together needs that, until today, appeared to be alternative, offering a competitive global machine, that can, at the same time, be fitted according the local needs of each single market and client, finding a “Third Way” melting global and local approach.