New Modified Suction Filter -NASSA

Newly developed NASSA filter increases the air circulation in the filter area and thus maintains the effective suction on the spindles.

Machine : Automatic Winder Polar

Kit Code : Right Hand Machine :24699.0798.1.0

Left Hand Machine :24699.0799.1.0

Validity : M/c Manufacturing Year 2007 Upto 2013

Features and benefits Of Machine

  • Power saving , 3 to 7% by installing new NASSA filter depending upon working conditions.
  • During normal working the suction pressure drops as the waste deposits on the screen until cleaned by the operator in the existing filter. Whereas with NASSA filter effective suction is maintained for longer duration.
  • Reduction in extra cycles, results in improved machine efficiency 
  • Extended duration of waste removal cycles thus better operator efficiency.
  • Enhanced exhaust motor longevity