Fixed Type Bobbin Yarn Feeler (Sensor)

Fixed Sensor Modification includes complete Central Group Modification i.e. Fixed Sensor, Cam, Introducer Plate, Sensor for Bobbin suction nozzle zero Position, Bobbin suction Nozzle Cover , Tool for fixing the modification

Machine : Automatic Winder Polar & Orion

Kit Code : 4999.9999.13.0

Validity : Polar – Mfr from 2007 Up to 2013

Orion – Mfr from 2001 Up to 2010

Features and benefits Of Machine

As there is no physical movement of sensor involved during the cycling.

  • No Compressed air is required for this operation.
  • No Periodic maintenance like lubrication, cleaning, elimination of periodic replacement of movable sensor piston etc.
  • Trouble free operation involving no moving components.
  • A separate bobbin suction nozzle zero position sensor will come ,which always keeps the bobbin suction nozzle near to the yarn picking area.