Aging machines, demand incremental maintenance & have unpredictable breakdowns which leads to drop in performance. Spindle Reconditioning facilities at Savio, provides almost original performance in cost effective way, thus get optimal performance.

Item: TFO Spindles
Validity: All TFO Spindles supplied for Model SIRIUS and COSMOS

Reconditioning scope:

  • It involves reconditioning of Spindle ( As shown in Picture), which is heart of the TFO Machines.
  • Replacing old bearings and wharve pulley with new, cleaning.
  • Lubricating , Checking run-out, balancing the spindles and testing for vibration. Reconditioning


  • Economic solution for uplifting the performance of aged machines.
  • Savio certified reconditioned spindles for almost original performance.
  • Enhancing the residual life of the machines.