Polar IDLS


Savio’s well proven and the bestselling automatic winder, still the #1 winder in many world markets.

The Savio POLAR Evolution I/DLS , for linking the ring spinning frames to winders, enables a fast and efficient direct feeding of bobbins, along with the full interfacing flexibility with all kinds of ring spinning frames (single or multistep). Many important developing markets are investing on this kind of machinery, because of the growing difficulty of hiring labor, for the quality and production advantages that such solution offers. Therefore in all those countries, we are witnessing a rapid transformation from plants equipped with ring spinning frames without doffing devices and with free-standing winder, to the fully automatic link solution.

The POLAR Evolution I/DLS boasts a unique spinning frame to winder close loop feeding system, the winder being an extension of the same, ensuring total free flow of the materials. From ring frame bobbin to the final package, the yarn is processed untouched and with zero transit time, ensuring maximum quality, less material handling and no chances of contamination.

Features Of Machine

  • Direct transfer of ring bobbins to winder.
  • Yarn end preparation stations up to 3, for the longest ring frame.
  • Automatic empty tube loader for empty caddies.
  • Spindle Identification System (S.I.S).
  • Multicone: the digital yarn layering technology
  • Upgraded splicing solutions - Duo Air Feeding system
  • Multi Link - Classic or Underground Solutions
  • O.B.S. - Off Standard Bobbin Selector (optional)
  • S.I.S. - Savio Identification System (optional)
  • Package B-Grade System - Manual (optional)
  • Smart Industry Solutions for Textile Mills Savio Winder 4.0