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Since 1911 specialized in the textile machinery sector for the yarn finishing segment, Leading supplier of winding , twisting and rotor spinning machines.


Since 1955 specialized in electronic quality control systems for the textile industry . Leading supplier of optical yarn clearers for winding and Open End machines .....

BMS Vision

Since 1974 active in the business MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems ) for monitoring and optimizing efficiencies , quality and energy consumption for textile , chemical , plastics and pharmaceutical industrial plants.

Sedo Treepoint

Since 1978 , experts of process optimization being leading global provider of integrated automation systems, combining software and hardware for dyeing sector.


Since 1986 Provides high technology solutions in the professional and industrial electronic sector , being one of the most important companies Within the value added service of Electronic Manufacturing (EMS).


Since 1952 has a leading position in the production of yarn splicing devices thanks to the development and ownership of several patents in the field of air and water joint technology. Also Mesdan is active in the field of instruments for textile laboratories.