rotor spinning frame-flexirotors 3000


The need to supply smaller lots of yarn is increasingly felt also in the rotor spinning field where quick and reliable delivery times are a must.

While the technologically advanced components of the spinning boxes and the ease and rapidity, with which they are changed, have made rotor spinning so highly flexible in terms of processing possibilities and ranges, it also holds true that the machines available on the market today do not have the same industrial flexibility.

Because of this, it was essential to offer a “totally flexible” rotor spinning process besides guaranteeing the technological performances of quality and speed, which have already been reached by using a new high quality spinning box.

Consequently FlexiRotorS 3000, besides guaranteeing the highest Speed and take-up performances, ensures:

  • Best production planning
  • Minimised “unproductive time”.
  • A great optional offer, available for all the different machine versions.
  • High quality yarn and packages

Thanks to:

  • Indipendent sides
  • Intelligent piecing and doffing trolleys
  • “Electronic” take-up of the certified package.

Flexability is what we are offering with our rotor spinning frame