EcoPulsarS Plus, with its sustainable eco-green advantage, replies to the market demand of energy saving, including also room air conditioning, together with improved production performances, high quality packages and utmost flexibility.

The combination of all new features and design has created an environment in which each part of the machine can operate at its optimum level and without limitations. Spindles and bobbins feeding systems set independently the level of suction required. Suction is generated as needed and used without losses.

The new Controlled Cut System, Yarn Tension Control System, Waste Collection&Separation System and Upgraded Splicing Solutions, each contributing to the overall reduction of the process downtimes.

Features Of Machine

  • Break-through innovation with an eco-green leverage.
  • Suction on demand system (S.D.S.) saves energy up to 30%.
  • Savings on humidification plant initial and running cost.
  • Cyclonic waste separator for Hard waste and dust.
  • Controlled cut system (C.C.S.) for reduced red lights, repeaters and hard waste.
  • Number of heads - No limits (for magazine feeding machine up to 120 drums).
  • Enhanced productivity up to 10%.
  • Yarn presence sensor (optional)
  • Multicone: the digital yarn layering technology
  • Multi Link - Classic or Underground Solutions
  • O.B.S. - Off Standard Bobbin Selector (optional)
  • S.I.S. - Savio Identification System (optional)
  • Package B-Grade System - Manual (optional)
  • Empty cones centralized magazine (optional)
  • Smart Industry Solutions for Textile Mills Savio Winder 4.0
  • P.T.S. - Package Tracking System (optional)


  • ECO PULSARS PLUS IDLS: direct link to R/F feeding
  • ECO PULSARS PLUS E: standalone autofeeding
  • ECO PULSARS PLUS M/L: round magazine feeding